Scholar System

Scholar System

Teacher Training Trifecta

A three-tiered system for teacher training and professional development.

How It Works

Our Teacher Training Trifecta is designed to deliver a well-designed, researched based,  professional training that encompasses three key aspects of Prosperity-Based education.



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Frequently Asked Questions.

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We recommend all three tiers to receive the full training trifecta! The combination of the trifecta provide impact, community, and sustainability!

We recommend the following format: Inspiration, Connection, and Application. This format is designed to deliver an impactful keynote address, a fun and interactive team building, and conclude with the content and training to get the educational tools to create student prosperity.

Please contact us for pricing! Each package is unique and tailored for your indivual needs. This would include number of sessions, in-person, virtual, or hybrid options are available!

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