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What Is Your Purpose? Professional Learning Activity

Research shows that when educators reflect on their purpose, they have the power to transform student lives. Take a moment to think about why you decided to become an educator.

8 Most Important Phrases

Print this sheet and use it/post it as a reminder to use as many At-Promise phrases with your students as possible!

Check-in Sheets for Student Wellness

These student wellness check-ins can be used to collect a daily or weekly snapshot of the emotional health of your students. 

Teaching Tip: Regardless of how you check in, remember to set up an environment where students feel safe to share privately as needed, and that you follow up immediately with any students in crisis!

Found Poetry Activity

Poetry finds the beauty in seemingly ordinary things. Use this activity with your students to create new works of art with powerful words.

What Could it Look Like Poster

Dr. Rios frequently speaks to educators about vision casting for our students. This activity can help your or your entire staff vision cast a vision for how we want our schools, classrooms, and systems to be. Teachers can also use this brainstorm with students to create classroom expectations and envision how they wish their learning environment to be. 

• What do we do well as a school in fostering a
Prosperity-Based Experience for students?
• What can we do better in fostering a
Prosperity-Based Experience for students?

10 Degree Shift Activity

We recommend that rather than making drastic changes overnight, educators continually make small, ten-degree shifts. This sheet will help you clarify what you wish to shift and help you make sure it happens. 

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